The fundamental styles include classical, romantic and sporty. All other styles are derived from the core.



This style clothing is the ease of flying, flowing fabrics of pastel tones. It emphasizes femininity, small ruffles and frills beautiful, foam lace, bows, ruffles and artificial flowers.

Romantic style involves holiday, celebration, creates a good mood and is not appropriate in the workplace. As the variant of romantic style there is a “fantasy” style.



Means casual, city-like. The basic principle of this style – elegant negligence, comfort, convenience. The basis of this style is democracy, freedom and looseness. There are two types of casual style: club casual and smart casual.

Wearing clothes of this style, you can use any colors, ranging from white and ending motley, sparkling and rich tones. Silhouettes is free, unobtrusive, most importantly comfortable. Fabric – soft and pleasant to the touch.



(Lingerie-Stil) – The 90s style. Some people even refer these clothes to underwear type of clothing. These are bras, tops and dresses combination. This style was developed by Versace Studio in particular.



(Vintage-Look) – This romantic style has always drawn attention with its clothing and accessories. It is usually more women-like style, but nowadays even men like to have some accessories of vintage.

If you preach romance, charm, personality, irony, vintage style is for you. The term “vintage” came to us from the vocabulary of wine and the wine is of the highest quality. Now, under the "vintage" a rarity in the world of fashion and style is meant, a new life of clothing, the former at the peak of popularity in the 20-80-ies of the last century.

Vintage divided into 3 categories:

  • genuine vintage – rare items;
  • neovintazh – the use of modern collection silhouette, decor, cut, vintage clothing;
  • combined vintage – the use of vintage materials in the manufacture of clothing along with modern.


Strict, "masculine" style in women’s clothes, full expression of emancipation. 



Popular in the 70s style of clothing. It was formed under the influence of the cult film "Saturday Night Fever" with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. It is characterized by all the bright and shining, for example, "metallic" fabric, metallic thread, sequins, tinsel, crystals, and so on.

For the young people of that time there were no borders between their inner world and the world around, so the expression of their personality, there "I" in public was considered to be the norm. Standing out of the crowd only unusually bright clothes was not enough. Clothing should emphasize the elegant, flexible and athletic body.



Classic British, laid-back style of dress. The high fashion in the 70s; it is characterized by a wool material, especially tweed, traditional colors "glencheck" and "tartan".

Business style


One of the styles of clothing designed for the business aspects of society and characterized by rigor, restraint and conservatism in the choice of fabrics, colors, cut and accessories. Close to the conservative style (e.g. style Queen of England).

Inside the business style there are isolated micro styles:

  • strictly business style (style of interviewing, negotiation: a suit and tie)
  • casual business style (brown)
  • shareware business style (style Friday: jeans and jacket)



Skirt, dress or pants spotted camouflage colors or khaki – khaki, green swampy, muddy brown. If you want more in line with this style will have to forget about femininity.

Silhouettes of militaristic style are angular and sharp, so the styles seem more aggressive.

No matter what style you choose. The best style for each person is that which describes her or his inner world and personality the best.

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