What’s at the top of your head once you’ve heard something like ‘Bohemian style clothing’ or ‘Boho-chic trend’ – glitz of people from a different planet? Then forget about everything you’ve already known. The key thing to remember, when trying to understand this particular fashion style, is its history and statement. Both deserve close attention!

3 Little Known BOHO Facts


How it all began. Artists & the likes wanted to challenge the consumerist clothing in 1950’s. In doing so, they were fashioning bright colors, low maintenance & reasonable cost of their own clothes & accessories. Thus, natural look appeared next: messy hair, flat shoes, and stone-bead jewelry. Since then, the ‘bohemians’ have been telling a mile off due to their specific style.

The term ‘Bohemian’: past & modern usage. 200 years ago, the original ‘bohemians’ were the French bohémien, spirited gypsy, nomadic strollers, free people. All along, it was associated with non-conventional, bourgeois, artistic lifestyle itself.  In the XXI century, fashion-possessed girls wear floral skirts to look non-bourgeois, while the guys pretend superheroes wearing shabby shirts. These days, either bohemian style clothing or fashion style in general is a state of mind, but neither a look nor a trend fading in time.

Who dresses bohemian? If you are the one who is globally aware, connects with nature & expresses yourself thro’ clothes & accessories, the richest flavor of various cultures & styles will suit you perfect. Bohemian style was, is & will be an exotic alternative to all accepted fashions, associated with intellectuals, hippie & Gypsy, as well as ethic message, aesthetic dress & historical costume.

12+ Modern Inspirations of Bohemian Style Clothing:

Stand out in a Crowd!


Boho-chic means a cocktail of casual creativity, social indifference, ethnic poverty & simply classy vintage. In any case, this is a cult of the individual!

For Her & For Him

  • Loose, colorful, natural clothing.
  • Rich, threadbare, flowered fabrics.
  • Lace, ruffles, patches.
  • Scarves at the neck & on the head, instead of belts.
  • Boots & sandals.
  • Oriental elements (kimonos, robes & other ethnic designs).
  • Mixing the styles, prints, colors.
  • Broad brimmed hats.
  • Long, flowing hair.
  • Handmade jewelry.
  • Funky elements.
  • Matched or mismatched layering.



Gorgeous Bohemian-influenced outfits are made of pieces. You may combine your hundred-per-cent personal effects about anywhere – from luxury boutiques to thrift shops. The whole image – that’s where it’s at!

On the one hand, this may be a challenging style both for women & men, in terms of possibly looking like either vagabonds or starving artists. On the other hand, unisex Boho-chic is just No Comment for both female & male shoppers.

Being a woman or a man, just think of torn-knee jeans, faded T-shirts, old sandals & aviators… A Bohemian Style Clothing undertone in your wardrobe is guaranteed. Yeah, Boho lives in details- so, understand its attitude!

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